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Dead by daylight mobile apk is an asymmetric survival horror video game. Dead by Daylight is developed by Behaviour Interactive and published by Starbreeze Studios.

Dead by daylight download, the game is played by a one versus four online multiplayer can be played and where one player can take on the role of the savage killer and another four players play as survivors. They try to escape the killed and avoid being caught and sacrificed to the evil of the force known as the Entity.

Dead by daylight game was released in June 2016, 4 years ago. Matthew spriggens design dead by daylight perks, and the writer of the game was Farah Daoud Brixi.  Dbd game multiplayer can be played in the game.

Dead by daylight download free, they must have use obstacles in the form of wooden pallets and windows and items that they either found inside chests or bring before the match starts to run from the killer for as long as they can. There are so many characters in the dead by daylight price.  Dead by daylight deluxe edition is an exciting and more horrible game.

What's new

1. The Cenobite is now a playable Killer in-game
2. Adding a post-game and pre-game communication sticker feature
3. Quality of life improvements to auto-run control
4. Visual update to the Ritual system
5. Visual improvement for the Bloodpoints reward in the Tally Screen
6. General bug fixes