Call Of Duty Players Growing Increasingly Frustrated

September 22, 2020 moulio No Comments

Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare is among the most popular games on any console, and to keep players interested, they continue to add new features. Adding new features, in addition to fixing bugs, means required update downloads. This is standard for most games, but the Call Of Duty updates, despite providing great value for their players, are beginning to frustrate users because they interfere with play and are storage hogs.


Last week’s patch brings the total file size of Call Of Duty, Modern Warfare and the Battle Royale addition Warzone above a whopping 180GB of hard drive space. The Playstation has only 500GB of the internal hard drive with about 90GB of that reserved for the operating system. That leaves 410GB for everything else. Hence, COD is taking up about half of the hard drive space on every Playstation 4, which may force gamers to delete much of what was already on their console, including other games, videos or apps.


Not only is the file size frustrating gamers, but the download time required is a further annoyance. Because COD is adding such large files, its downloads are taking 3, 4 and even 5 times as long as others. Some updates can go on for over 10 hours!


Infinity Ward, COD’s publisher, stressed early that the large update sizes would help reduce update sizes in the future, while also improving the game’s overall footprint on your hard drive. But the oversized updates keep coming to the frustration of users. If you plan on playing COD online, be it on Xbox, PS4 or PC, you better have a lot of space available. Otherwise you are out of luck.